Start: 4th
Finish: 1st

Stage 1 Finish: 1st
Stage 2 Finish: 1st

race review

Joey Logano’s second victory in nine CRAFTSMAN Truck Series races. His first victory and second top-10 finish in two races at Bristol Motor Speedway Dirt. Tonight’s win marks the 16th consecutive season where ThorSport Racing has had at least one victory. The most of any team in the NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series. Logano currently sits seventh in the point standings.


ThorSport had three trucks in the top five. What was it like working with those guys and why were they so fast tonight?
“They were fast last year, too. I got my butt kicked by them last year and I was like, ‘Man, I stink,’ but now I realize it wasn’t me. Their trucks were so fast and obviously we saw that again here today. They just have a lot of speed and a lot of drive in it to be able to accelerate off the corners really, really well. Whatever that is, I can’t tell you, but they were fast. You saw that in the heat races and obviously they did a good job making adjustments to their trucks from the last time they were here. A different tire, going to a radial tire with a lot less stagger, without practice. Obviously, it’s a guessing game there. They asked me what I want and I said, ‘Dude, you kicked our butt last year. Just put in whatever you had last year that beat me. I want that.’ So, they fine-tuned it from there and after running a race there are some adjustments I’d like to make with the truck, but, overall, obviously, it was plenty fast to make it happen tonight.”