Whelen Engineering

At Whelen Engineering, our goal is to bring innovative, lifesaving products to market more quickly while maintaining strict quality control throughout the process. We have accomplished this through a vertical manufacturing initiative to eliminate or reduce out-sourcing; the use of robotics and state-of-the-art production equipment; and, perhaps most importantly, a motivated workforce of over 1100 employees. This allows us to meet and adapt to our customer’s changing needs in the shortest amount of time.

Whelen Motorsports

Whelen Engineering and Motorsports go together as well as oil and engines. For over 25 years Whelen has supported NASCAR and its grass roots racing series. Recently Whelen has taken to the sky as well and gotten into Aviation Racing and Acrobatics. You can find Whelen on most tracks or runways. A lot of our success on and off of the track has been due to the fans and customers of racing and aero sports.

Joey’s strong tie to the Whelen brand stems from many appearances such as, SEMA, the world’s largest automotive products trade show, along with private meet and greets at race tracks for employees and customers. The Logano partnership has provided an authentic platform for the Whelen brand expand in the racing community. At his shop and on his vehicles, Logano has Whelen lighting installed to provide him safety an engineering advantages.