Centurion boats are relentlessly innovated World Championship water sports vessels of dominant performance, ambitious design and inspired craftsmanship achieved through experienced integrity.

Rigorous innovation continues at Centurion Boats with the new 2017 Ri217. Offering World Championship level wakeboarding, wake surfing, ride and handling in a popularly sized package; the Ri217 is the best of all worlds on the water. This 21 foot 7-inch World Championship Towboat welcomes as many as 14 people with deep accommodation, but still maintains a manageable size for towing and driving. And while the design of the Ri217 has a lure all its own, the real draw of this Centurion is World Championship performance on all fronts.

Logano is an avid wake surfer and his Centurion boat of choice is the 2016 Centurion Ri217. He spends quite a bit of time on the waters of Lake Norman during his time at home. He and his friends love to wake surf, wake board and other water activities behind his Centurion Ri217.