Logano visited with SIRIUS/NASCAR Radio’s “The Morning Drive” and discussed his season to date, changes made with the No. 20 Toyota team and his aspirations for the remainder of 2012.

Joey we’ve talked to some crew chiefs who have said ya know our mile and a half program is good, we’re happy. Other teams have said boy we really need to step it up on our mile and a half program. Where’s the Joe Gibbs mile and a half program right now?

We were very weak last year and I think we’ve done some good things this year to help us and improve our package. I still think we have a few steps to go to get to be as good as we need to but we’re going in the right direction. We are improving and that’s huge. We’ve been able to qualify good every week so far. You know get ourselves up front during qualifying we just haven’t figured it out on the racetrack yet. So our cars are definitely better than last year but as I said we got some more steps.

Is this small adjustment territory we’re talking here or you feel you need to do some whole sale adjustments on the race car to get it where you’d like it to be?

There’s no big things you do anymore it’s just a little here and little there and it’s all gonna add up. So there’s no big things you’re gonna find like ‘oh look there it is’. You just gotta keep focusing on the little things and really read into them make sure you know what’s better and what’s not. Whether that’s trying it out three times to make sure its right. You make sure you know what you’re doing before you’re do it. And I don’t think its huge changes. You know we didn’t make huge changes to our car last week. We made a little change here and a little change there and we got our car good by the end of the race. You know I think it’s just gonna be, we gotta work on our communication a little bit with (crew chief) Jason (Ratcliff) and I, we’re still new together. It’s going well we just gotta keep making sure we’re understanding each other when we come to these races for a second time in the year its gonna help us a lot.”

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Article written by Pete Pistone for CBS Sports.