penske-mediaJOEY LOGANO, No. 22 Shell Pennzoil Ford Fusion – YOU HAD MORE WINS THAN ANYONE LAST SEASON AND THE LAST TWO SEASONS, HOW DO YOU CONTINUE TO STRIVE FOR MORE? “I guarantee you there is no complacency with this guy sitting on the end. I think all of us know that. We have lived through that. We want to win trophies for Roger and win a championship. Anything less than that we don’t consider it success. I am proud of what our team has done the last three years I have been at Team Penske and being able to improve each year. The first year we won one race, then five races and now six races. It gets harder as you keep going but we have to keep going. That is what keeps us driven. Todd Gordon is a great crew chief and we work really well together and keep building on that relationship. I think us sticking together and growing and doing the same things we have been doing but refining it to get better each and every area keeps the results coming that we have gotten and hopefully the big trophy at the end of the season.”

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU TO BE A PART OF THE RICH HISTORY OF THIS TEAM? “It is incredible. I look forward to the stories tonight. There are so many that I haven’t heard yet. Having only been here three seasons, one of the coolest things I got for Christmas, Team Penske made a book with all the wins. It has all the big victories over the last 50 years from the beginning all the way through. First off, I am a race fan from when I was little. I start looking at it as a race fan and all the cool pictures and how amazing it was. Then you get to the end and see your picture there with the Daytona 500 win and it all comes together in that one moment. To think you are involved with greatness across so many different aspects, not only in motorsports but within business. The more time I spend with Roger and Walt and learn so much about life has been so rewarding. I cherish that book and being involved with it in any way I possibly can, it has been very special for me.”