Joey Logano was the fastest of the three Joe Gibbs Racing drivers. Joey Logano will start 9th in the #20 Home Depot Toyota with a lap time of 26.667 (134.998 mph).

Are you pleased with your qualifying run? “That’s not bad. We’ll take it. It’s just weird out there. The track is nowhere near what it was like yesterday. You just go out there and it is so icy out there — no grip. Chatter in the front. Chatter in the back. You have to be on that edge — but if you go over it you’ll be chasing it and hoping not to hit the wall and forgetting about speed at that point. It’s just a very, very, very fine line right now out there.”

Why do you think the track changed?

“Because it’s a weird race track. I don’t know why. Ever since they repaved it — it’s weird. I don’t understand why the track is one way when we go to sleep and the next day it’s completely different.”

Are you set for Sunday’s race?

“Well, you just never know. You never know what we are going to have. We worked really hard in practice and went down a couple wrong roads and brought it back. So, we kind of ran out of time in practice. I don’t know what I’m going to have. We’ll just have to wait and see.”