• Joey Logano qualified the No. 22 Shell-Pennzoil Ford Fusion in the 10th position for Saturday night’s Sprint All-Start race at Charlotte Motor Speedway via the unique qualifying format which included three timed laps and a four-tire pit stop.
  • During the first 20-lap segment, Logano informed his team that his No. 22 Ford was handling tight and needed more turn in the center of the turns. The dreaded “aero push” was in full effect and the No. 22 car ran very tight when Logano got within five car lengths of the car in front of him.
  • Logano restarted the second segment in the 12th position after taking four tires during his first pit stop. However, just two laps into the segment, the No. 18 car of Kyle Busch spun along the backstretch and hit the turn three wall. Logano went low to avoid Busch, but the No. 18 slid down the track right into the path of Logano’s Ford Fusion and the cars made hard contact.
  • The damage to Logano’s machine forced the car out of the race and the Shell-Pennzoil team was credited with a 22nd-place finish.


“They were racing hard in front of me and the 18 car (Kyle Busch) spun out. I thought he was going stay up by the wall and I kind of committed to running that bottom. I was trying to slow up as quick as I could, but once he started coming down the race track I kept trying to turn lower and lower and hoped he would go back up the race track and never did. I wish I had turned to the right and tried to get around him that way, but I was really thinking he would not keep sliding down like that and keep going back up the corner because it looked like he had a lot of speed still. I didn’t get to have much fun tonight. It’s unfortunate, but there are no points so nothing lost tonight and we’ll just go get ‘em in the 600 next week.”


Sprint All-Star Race