Rockwellrockwell_stacked_white_red_hiRockwell was founded in 2007, fueled by its people and their passions. Founder Rich Egget spent years in the motorsports industry and saw a need for watches that didn’t look like everything else out there- watches that would be original and of premium quality. The first designs were embraced by Rich’s motocross team, power sports athletes and enthusiasts all over the country. This became a perfect excuse to deck out a semi truck, build a Rockwell motocross team and later participate in all types of action sport events all over the world. As staff members were added to help take care of the growing cult following, Rockwell’s presence in other arenas such as wake, snow, MMA and off-road gained momentum.

While building this loyal following, Rockwell continued developing new products to ensure the quality and style was perfect for worldwide distribution. In 2012, Rockwell distribution was launched and made available to dealers all over the globe. Rockwell can now be found in a variety of different categories. From jewelry stores to training gyms, from fight shops to motorcycle and boat dealerships, Rockwell is at home just about everywhere. With so many unique designs and different marketing channels, Rockwell has been able to add something original to the stores that have experience carrying watches, and have been able to create a new category for Moto dealers, performance shops, gyms and boat dealers. Rockwell’s athletes are fantastic brand ambassadors and have been instrumental to the success of Rockwell in its core retailers. Creating custom trophy watches for the winners of high-profile events like X-Games and Dew Tour have been a welcome support to these athletes. Rockwell has also collaborated with several companies such as Centurion Towboats and UFC Gym to create custom timepieces for enthusiasts and top performers in the industry. Today, you can still go to any Rockwell-sponsored event and be welcomed with an ice cold drink and premium treatment. It is our hope that every Rockwell watch serves to tell a story of uncompromising action and confidence. To everyone that has shared in this story so far, whether it be attending our events, lounging in our VIP room or showing off your watch, we thank you for rockin’ Rockwell.