race review

· Joey Logano started 12th in Sunday‘s TicketGuardian 500 at ISM Raceway. The driver of the No. 22 Shell-Pennzoil Ford Mustang initially reported he was battling a loose-handling car, except when he was tucked up tight to the car in front of him, when the handling would swing tight. At lap 13, Logano said the handling was coming to him, and he had really good turn around the speedway.

· During the second run of the afternoon, Logano climbed the leaderboard, reaching the top-five when the second caution of the race was displayed on lap 65. Under the caution, Logano said his balance was better than the first run, especially with turn-in and drive-off. As the race neared the conclusion of Stage 1, crew chief Todd Gordon electing to leave Logano on the track to battle for the stage win. The driver of the Shell-Pennzoil Ford Mustang would ultimately finish third when the segment ended on lap 75.

· After restarting 15th to begin the second stage, Logano rallied forward, reaching the eighth position before the caution flag on lap 149 was displayed, bringing a premature end to the green flag racing to end the stage, which was to conclude on lap 150. Under caution, he told the team his car was really good in clean air, but fought being tight and keeping the front tires working in traffic on the long run. Gordon again called for an air pressure adjustment to continue working on the overall drivability in the No. 22 Ford Mustang.

· During the opening laps of Stage 3, Logano would rallied back inside the top-five, using the low lane on two restarts to move up to fifth position. Unfortunately, a slow pit stop and a mix of pit strategies by his fellow competitors would drop Logano outside the top-15 for the first time.

· The race would be concluded by a 74-lap green flag run to the finish. Logano steadily worked his way through traffic, methodically picking off positions. He ultimately brought the Shell-Pennzoil Ford Mustang home in the 10th position, his third top-10 result in four races this season.



“It was really hard to pass. You would start to catch a car and just stop. That big spoiler on the back just makes it really challenging to get to the car in front of you and make something happen, so restarts became everything. If you can get through the first couple laps, you were fine. It’s just very challenging behind a car to keep up to speed. You’re better off just getting there and riding and hopefully that car ahead of you falls off enough to where you can maybe get close enough to make a move or wait until there’s a lapped car and try to make a pass.”