· Joey Logano started 10th in Saturday night’s All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Logano moved from the 10th spot into the top-five, claiming the third spot by lap 10 in the opening stage. Logano reported he was on the splitter to start the run, but the handling started to drift after lap 20, resulting in Logano dropping back to the fifth position to end the stage. Logano described the handling of the car as loose overall with issues getting through the bumps being on the splitter.

· On the first stop, the team adjusted with air pressure, attempting to give the stability to the No. 22 Shell-Pennzoil Ford that it was lacking in the opening run. Unfortunately, the adjustments made on the first stop sent the handling the wrong direction. Despite the loss in handling, Logano was able to rally from the 11th position back to seventh before the end of the stage.

· With the pit stop at lap 50 following the completion of Stage 2, crew chief Todd Gordon went the opposite direction on changes from the first stop, doubled to attempt to give Logano the handling he needed to work back through the field and contend for the lead.

· Through the third stage, Logano moved as high as fourth, while reporting that the handling of the No. 22 Shell-Pennzoil Ford was as strong as it had been all night and was twice as good as it was during the second stage. The team made additional air pressure adjustments on the stop with two laps remaining in the third stage, looking for the final edge for the race to the finish.

· Logano survived two attempts at NASCAR Overtime to end the third stage, ultimately bringing the Shell-Pennzoil Ford across the line in the fifth position, where he’d line up to begin the final stage. Logano would battle through the final ten laps, ultimately finishing third after a side-by-side battle with Daniel Suarez.



“We wanted to be up in the lead and I thought we were in the best spot. We put tires on and the cars ahead of us didn’t have as good of tires as us. We restarted fifth and the bottom is just rough down there. We were able to push ahead and the car in front of me got pushed back and the bottom lane fell apart. I lost like five spots at least and started making them back up and got tangled up and put in the wall and got back and thought I had a decent shot there at the end hooking up with Kevin. Kevin and I always end up together at superspeedway races and we did again tonight which is kind of funny. I didn’t have quite a good enough run to go three-wide and if I did the bottom lane would have gone by both of us and there would have been no gain for any of us. We wouldn’t have won anyway. My only shot was to push him ahead and try to clear the 19 which I couldn’t.”