• Joey Logano qualified the No. 22 Pennzoil Platinum Ford Fusion in the eighth position following a strong qualifying on Thursday night.
  • As the 600-mile race began, Logano settled into the sixth position and began turning solid laps. Early on, Logano reported that the Pennzoil Platinum Ford was handling tight in “dirty” air.
  • An extended green-flag run to open the race saw all but 10 cars fall at least one lap down as the leaders set a torrid pace. Logano was able to stay on the lead lap as he was positioned near the back half of the top 10.
  • Over the first 200 laps of the race, Logano fought a condition that had the No. 22 Ford handling tight in the center and loose coming out of the turns, mostly because of dirty air and racing in a tight pack.
  • Logano dropped to 15th in the running order, but was able to race his way back inside of the top 10.
  • Logano started moving forward and found himself in the top five on lap 274. Logano cracked the top three following a great pit stop just 10 laps later and he set his sights on the leaders.
  • The Pennzoil Platinum Ford continued to have its issues running in dirty air. However, despite the struggles, Logano remained positioned inside the top five.
  • A tough pit stop on lap 331 saw the No. 22 Ford fall back to eighth place. Logano had to make two more late-race pit stops and he was unable to make up any more positions due to the ill-handling car.
  • As the 400-lap race came to a close, Logano took the checkered flag in 12th place. The finish dropped Logano to seventh in the Sprint Cup Series point standings. He is now 54 points behind of the leader.


“Air means everything in these cars. When you are out front and when you are behind eight other cars can change your car so much. I think you saw that tonight with the 4 car too. When he was out front, he was unbeatable. When we was in traffic, he was just average. Our Pennzoil Platinum Fusion was about a fifth-place to seventh-place car tonight. But it was all about track position and we lost that track position at the end of the race. And when you get stuck behind all of those cars, your car changes and you just can’t do what you want with it. We changed the car to be about fifth and have some clean air and when we lost that track position, the car handled totally different and the adjustments we made just weren’t right for it at the time. It’s not a lot of fun racing like that. But it could have been worse. I’m just ready to head to Dover.”