On Wednesday night, Logano presented a check to the USA Hockey Foundation, one of his favorite charities, for $10,000 he earned through the “Chug for Charity” program.

As many people see each weekend, Joey Logano is one of the Coca-Cola Racing family of drivers. As part of being with Coca-Cola, Logano takes part in the annual “Chug for Charity” contest, where all of the Coca-Cola drives earn points for utilizing Coke products on-camera. At the end of the year, the points are tallied up and the drivers are awarded money to donate to their favorite charity based on how many “chug points” they’ve earned. Logano presented the check to the USA Hockey National Development Sled Hockey team at the Extreme Ice Center in Indian Trail, NC. The USA Hockey team will face Team Canada as a part of the team’s training and preparation for the 2014 US Paralympic games in Sochi, Russia. This team trains bi-monthly at the Extreme Ice Center along with the USA Hockey National Paralympic program.