JOEY-LOGANO-FOUNDATION-LOGO-final-2013In July 2013, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Joey Logano announced the incorporation of his own charity, the Joey Logano Foundation. Since then, the foundation has assisted families and organizations nationwide who have come across hard times and needed a second chance. Today, Logano launched a new website for the Joey Logano Foundation with the mission of the organization focused on assisting people affected by natural and human disaster.

“As we enter the summer storm season, we can’t predict what areas will be devastated by the next hurricane, tornado, or tropical storm. But we can prepare ourselves to help those communities across the country when those disasters strike”, said Logano.

One of the ways Logano has started to prepare for assisting communities with disaster is by converting his pre-existing fan club to a new brand: Team Logano Reserves. This group will have the opportunity to volunteer on rebuilding and recovery projects across the country with other NASCAR fans. With over 28 natural disasters in the US in 2013 alone, there will be plenty of opportunities for Team Logano Reserves to offer their support in their communities.

Logano says, “I feel like I was given a second chance in racing. Every now and then you catch yourself in a rut and you need someone to come in and give you that opportunity to get back on your feet. That’s exactly what I want to do for other people.”

The Joey Logano Foundation is taking the first step in it’s new mission by donating $5,000 to relief efforts for those affected by severe weather during the Richmond race weekend through the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

To learn more about the Joey Logano Foundation, visit