Joey Logano will start 22nd in the #20 PlayStation Vita/GameStop with a lap time of 49.840 (182.741 mph).

How was your qualifying lap?

“It was okay. Really windy, so the back straightaway was going pretty fast, but the front straightaway was like hitting a wall. You just stop and slow down a lot. Nothing too exciting there for me, so it’s kind of a pretty average run. Not very fast though, so that’s kind of a bummer, but besides that we’ll be fine. She raced good yesterday in practice, so I’m not worried about it.”

How will the Nationwide race compare to the Cup race?

“You’re going to be able to push a lot longer than the Cup cars, so you’ll see a lot more push. A little bit more of the old school, but we will have to switch more compared to what we used to have. Hopefully, everyone’s smart with the amount they push and how they push and all that, so we’ll see what happens.”